Growth Bootcamp #Madrid, CABINET of Natural History, sábado, 03. noviembre 2018

Growth Bootcamp | Become a #NoBS Growth Marketer.
Growth Bootcamp is a 2-day, Hands-on Growth Marketing Course hosting Sessions across Europe. We've trained hundreds of Founders & Marketers - from disrupting pre-seed Startups, to top talent at Amazon & Google. 
This upcoming session will be hosted in Madrid, in collaboration with CABINET of Natural History. For more information on Growth Bootcamp, visit

Who is this course for?


Junior Marketers

Career Shifters


A snapshot of what you'll get out of the course:

You will learn to run and grow a project/product fast, in a lean and data-driven way.

You will get familiarised with the process of rapid experimentation across multiple channels, the essence of growth hacking.

You will acquire deep technical skills and learn how to apply the best Growth Marketing tools

Location & Dates:
The course's venue will be Beta-i. Sessions run from 9am - 5pm, on the 22nd and 23rd of October. For detailed session information & dates of each session, click here to get the Growth Bootcamp Syllabus

About the Instructors:

Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos has over 8 years experience in Digital and Growth marketing. Currently, he is running Growth Sandwich, the #1 London based Growth hacking Lab and Growth Bootcamp, the Europe-based, No-Bull Growth Marketing Course. Before turning in Growth hacking and viral marketing, he had the chance to pass by head marketing and head digital positions in Athens and London, work with numerous tech startups but also build and run companies. In his spare time, he is consulting ambitious startups about their Growth and Business strategy.

Alex Lambropoulos

Alex is currently Head of Growth at Growth Sandwich and Co-Founder of AdPesto, a Facebook Ads Reporting & Optimization tool.  As part of his role at Growth Sandwich, he has worked with multiple distinguished UK startups to provide hands-on Growth & rapid experimentation across multiple channels. Alex has extensive experience in Performance Marketing and Digital Strategy, having served in multiple Head of Marketing roles in both the UK and the USA. 

Growth Bootcamp is a product of Growth Sandwich - a London-based, plug & play Growth Marketing lab. 

Growth Sandwich drives growth for early-stage companies using cutting-edge growth marketing or growth hacking tactics. It also produces products that act as independent entities but can also support our current clients. Specialising in customer acquisition and conversion rate optimisation, Growth Sandwich helps businesses find new growth potentiality across web and mobile - and our results speak for team of Growth Hackers alongside our Acquisition and CRO teams, allow them to consistently deliver expectations.

Growth Bootcamp #Madrid

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