Transformational workshop Mallorca, Lluis Perez Pastisser, lunes, 03. septiembre 2018

Blueprint to becoming your best YOU!!
Facilitated by international speaker and award-winning mentor Annica Törneryd, this interactive workshop has the potential to transform your life!
The most important relationship you'll have throughout life is the one with yourself. It will have an impact on the lives of everyone you interact with, and most of all, your own. Make it your priority to invest in your personal growth, to operate at your highest standard and be all you can be!This 2-hour interactive workshop is designed to help you gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. In other words, how to become the best version of you! It takes place in a safe space where you can be challenged and grow together and process your own thoughts in an intimate setting. We will combine a mixture of training where you work on your own blueprint workbook, with group coaching, open Q&A and hot seat coaching to maximize the , we will look at areas in your life where you are currently not satisfied, maybe even quite frustrated? We will clarify the exact changes that need to happen, and how, so that you can start taking action, play full out and replace frustration with fulfillment. For real! 
You have great potential, value and capacity, and you are worth investing in!This is your opportunity to start taking action to transform your life into something you are longing frustration and irritation about where your life is today, and less worrying about what others may clarity and support along with your intentional actions to lift your energy and mood to take your life to where you want it to be. Healthier and happier. Let's do this, together! The improvements I've been able to make and things I have achieved in my life over the past years, by working and collaborating with some of the very best coaches and mentors in the world, are simply too fantastic not to share! I've put together the 7 key steps I have applied to create my dream life, and I'm excited to support you in your transformation! Here are some testimonials.
The 7-step blueprint is a powerful and transformational experience that will help you start designing the life you desire and go from where you are to where you want to be. The synergy from everyone's individual talents and uniqueness, combined with commitment, accountability and focus, lifts everyone to higher levels of success. With my structure, coaching and guidance you'll gain valuable feedback, new thoughts and input that will catapult your personal growth, so you can explore and enjoy your life like you want to!
Please note that this offer is limited to 25 persons. First come, first served!End-of-summer special: 97€ (plus Eventbrite fee 10€)** Includes deliciously divine cake, plus coffee/tea served at price winning bakery Lluis Perez.


Transformational workshop Mallorca

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