trivago Academy (Palma) - Legal Perspectives on Data Scraping, trivago, miércoles, 26. septiembre 2018

The use of web scrapers and other automated tools for online data collection has been present since the beginning of the Internet.

But nowadays personal and non-personal data has way more economic value than before.

For that reason, the protection and recollection of data-sets have become even more important for a company.

However, what legal elements come into play when we scrape data? For example, can the scraper freely access and collect content from services such as Facebook or Twitter? What legal measures could a company take to avoid being scraped? Or how could web scraping affect the privacy of the users of a service?

We’ll answer these and other questions related to web scraping and the legal issues around it.

trivago Academy (Palma) - Legal Perspectives on Data Scraping

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