01. noviembre 2020 - 9:00 hasta 19:00
Ashram Villa Sunshine Sitges Barcelona
SpainSitgesMalvasia 38, 08870 Sitges, Spain

Try a community living, filled with sunshine, friendship and joy, Ashram Villa Sunshine Sitges Barcelona, domingo, 01. noviembre 2020

Long Term Retreat - Give your life a restart - Share sun and light.

Do you want try to live in a Community and to get off the hamster-wheel you’re on back home? Maybe swap the winter dark for all-day sun with the Mediterranean light filling your living room?

Restart and refresh yourself this fall with a Long-term Retreat/Community life at Ashram Villa Sunshine in sunny Sitges, just south of Barcelona.

These tumultuous times have turned everything upside down, but they also give us the chance to reflect on how we live our lives, our relationships, the footprint we leave on this earth, how we can contribute to a healthier, more balanced life - and world.

We invite you to join with like-minded people and enjoy an environment where we try to answer these questions, while addressing the lifestyle, dietary and spiritual changes we can make to positively alter our lives. All in a relaxing, peaceful location, at a very reasonable price.


Here at Ashram Villa Sunshine, we’re offering Long-term Retreat a Community living (minimum 2 weeks stay up to 1-5 month) for groups of up to 12, from November 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021.

This unique time and place afford the opportunity to explore living in harmony with Mother Earth, to consume sensibly and be able to give back. Under the Mediterranean sun, we’ll buy local produced food, cook and eat together sustainable, delicious vegetarian/vegan food, while tending to our living quarters, the garden - and our chickens.

We invite you to lots of quality time for your self and and also wonderful time to share and practice in a small group; yoga, meditation, dance/training, breathing exercises, sharing circles, and whatever skill or specialty people want to contribute during their stay. All to enable us to grow and develop in peace in a religious-agnostic, drug-free setting.

YOUR INVESTMENT/The cost of a calmer existence:

*You contribute 300 EUR/person/month our 80 EUR/week for accommodation in a double room or multi-bed suite, plus 300 EUR/person/month or 80 EUR/week– which covers all daily meals, operating costs of the house, insurances, access to our car/transportation, etc.

Single rooms are provided subject to availability, at an extra premium of 250 EUR/month or 60 EUR/week.

50-100 EUR/person per stay will go to our Help Fund for, such as those who have difficulty financing their stay.


Reserve your place for at least 2 weeks up to 1 month or maximum of 5 months between November 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021. The most we can accommodate together is 12 people per month; these guests are selected via interview, and by considering their different requests, to create the best group dynamic. Changes of guests take place at the beginning of every new month or middle of the month.


You’re an open, ****** soul with both feet on the ground, who wants to share, develop and experience this journey together with others. It doesn’t matter if you come single, coupled, with friends, or whether you’re young (minimum 18 years), middle-aged, or ******. As long as you’re curious, candid and longing and curiosity to discover new sides in yourself and want to develop your full potential. The laungage that mainly will be speaking during the stay is English.


Please contact me, Mikael at email with a a brief letter saying who you are, when you’d like to come and any questions you have. We’ll contact everyone who’s interested by phone/zoom, and arrange information meetings via ZOOM for anyone interested to know, ask or suggest more.

Once we have assembled your group, all participants will confirm their place by paying 50-100 EUR to our help found plus 2 weeks rent in advance. After that, you’ll all be invited to digital webinars to get to know each other a little better before you arrive.


Each group will naturally form their own desired weekly program, 5 days a week. Please remember there will be plenty of time for self-development and independent activities.

*Breakfast is self-service and is taken when the participants themselves want/ Free group or individual activities are done before or after the morning gathering.

*10-11.30: Morning gathering with meditation/sharing circle: Here we appoint our food teams, decide what needs to be done that day (house/garden duties, shopping, etc.), and determine the daily activities that a group member might contribute.

*13.30: Communal lunch, perhaps in silence and reflection, Free group or individual activities are done during the afternoon.

*19:00: Communal supper may be in silence and reflection (but usually, vigorous conversation!) depending on what is decided during the morning gathering.


Sign up or more information: to Mikael Reuterberg/Founder and Director of Ashram Villa Sunshine. Email: email Phone/Whatsapp: +34650838020

For more info about Ashram Villa Sunshine please visit www.ashramvillasunshine.com or Facebook: Ashram Villa Sunshine Sitges Barcelona, or our Instagram: Ashramvillasunshine.

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Try a community living, filled with sunshine, friendship and joy

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